Revolutionary Drain Protection



The Vacuum Diffuser System

The Pool and Spa Drain ProteKtor™ provides necessary safety to prevent hair, limb and mechanical suction entrapment in public and residential swimming pools, fountains, wading pools and spa drains. It eliminates problems if the main drain suction outlet becomes exposed by a broken or missing drain cover.

What’s more? The Vacuum diffuser system works in harmony with the existing hydraulic conditions.

Features and Benefits

    • No moving parts – constructed of high impact, UV resistant PVC like that of the pool/spa piping so it will not degrade in pool water and can withstand the harsh environment of a spa
    • Helps mitigate the hazard(s) due to DHDF (Differential Hold Down Forces), especially incorrectly installed suction outlet systems
    • Diverts the flow of water into multiple levels avoiding the formation of a vortex (in an emergency scenario) and allows water to flow safely and return to the pump via the suction outlet (main drain)
    • Provides a mechanical screen between the swimmer and the previously exposed drain suction opening, eliminating the entrapment IN the suction piping
    • Provides immediate diversion of vacuum force should a swimmer encounter the ProteKtor™ eliminating the vacuum entrapment ON the ProteKtor™ itself
    • Provides multi-directional vacuum draw within the sump where without the ProteKtor™, there is a single source of concentrated vacuum draw
  • Works on both 1.5 and 2 inch plumbing